Here you will find Behind the Netra's poetry in visual forms, recordings of live performances, interviews and more.  

Stylist Magazine - How Poetry Saved My Life

BBC ONE Sunday Morning Live

BBC Radio 4 #saturdaylive

I can't call in sad.

Is our curriculum ''too white''? BBC ASIAN NETWORK

Our Wedding - Happily Ever Hothi <3

This year, Behind the Netra had the honour of performing her poem 'The Moment' to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family at the annual Commonwealth Service in Westminster Abbey.  The service was broadcast live on the BBC to 2.4 billon people across the world.

We are currently travelling on our honeymoon adventure around the world! Follow our incredible journey on Instragram @teamhothi and on our Youtube Channel 'Team Hothi'

“Creative In You” as part of sub’s Creative Campaign, Behind the Netra speaks about her work, and why she thinks creative expression is important in the 21st century.

Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2017


How Poetry Saved My Life - TEDxLondon

Passports - a poem of refugees and migration with Thraedable and Up Effect

Behind the Netra worked with The Metro to create a menstrual health awareness video for Menstrual Health Awareness Day 2017. She performed her through provoking poem, 'BLOOD.'

Going behind the scenes with Behind the Netra for our incredible editorial shoot with the amazing duo that are Sikh and Dread.


International Women's Day 2017 - (I am)

What is love? (Live session)


2016 - WHAT A YEAR! A video reflecting on my incredible journey this year.

How Poetry Saved My Life | My Mental Health Journey (Part 1). Let's talk, let it out, let's end #mentalheathstigma

'Woman ' A Hairless Word?' Why is it that a woman's beauty is defined as something completely hairless? Who deemed it 'un-groomed and messy to have any hair on our bodies'? Once again women are stuck in an oppressive equilibrium, their femininity defined by not having too much hair but not too little either. Power to all the women on a journey of self love, loving their bodies regardless of the amount of hair or lack of on it!

THAT'S NOT MY NAME! The first of many more videos coming out every FRIDAY. Comment, like, subscribe and share!

Behind the Netra's interview with Natasha Asghar on Zee Companion - Friday 29th July 2016.

FINGERTIPS - a ‪#‎stopmotion‬ ‪#‎spokenword‬ video all about love, vulnerability, trust and relationships. It's one of Behind the Netra's most personal poems yet.

Things you'll know if you're a teacher! From those awkward moments to the weird presents you're given at the end of the school year, being in charge of a class can be a strange old job. Whether you're a teacher or just want to know what Miss or Sir was really like outside of the classroom, you need to watch this... A huge thank you to BBC Three!

A quick interview with Behind the Netra. Dreams? Inspirations? Barriers? 

Behind the Netra meets Idris Elba for the Purdey's #ThriveOn campaign.

'Baaz' - spoken world poem written by Behind the Netra performed at Vaisakhi 2016 at City Hall.

Behind the Netra reciting her Vaisakhi poem entitled 'Baaz' on BBC Asian Network with Dipps Bhamrah -

My grandfather migrated to the UK in the late 50s after a long and difficult journey. Once he reached London he then had to endure a number of different racial, emotional and financial hardships. But he was able to build a foundation for my family that we will be forever grateful for. I travelled to all the homes that my granddad lived in, leading me all over East London, including Aldgate, Greenwich and even the old site of the Ford Motor Co. plant in Dagenham. This one is for you Babaji, for being Ajit Singh - from Sanskrit अ (a) "not" and जित (jita) "conquered".


Social media can be both a blessing and curse. This particular poem discusses the opportunities and obstacles that our new technological age provides. 

In her interview with Gurds Hundal, Behind the Netra discusses a number of topics ranging from her poetic journey, the power of the arts, positivity and mental health stigma. 


Behind the Netra performing Soul Contract, Queens and Corpses, Finding Peace, Cultural Appropriation, 47-Partition and Ajit Singh at Oxford University on Saturday 28 November 2015.

Behind the Netra performed a range of her poetry focusing on gender discrimination at the SHE GRROWLS event held in Hoxton, October 2015. 


Behind the Netra performing 'Cultural Appropriation' and '47 - Partition' at SOAS SU held by SOAS' Spoken Word Society and Decolonising Our Minds Society. 


Behind the Netra discusses stigma attached to men talking about their mental health with

Behind the Netra's first live performance at Saffron Mic, November 2014. Here she performed Queens and Corpses, a poem which describes her findings from her masters research on female infanticide in Punjab. 

Cultural Appropriation 

Cultural Appropriation is defined as the adoption of elements of one culture by members of a different cultural group, especially if the adoption is of an oppressed people’s cultural elements by members of the dominant culture. In this poem, Behind the Netra discusses these particular difficulties in the South Asian community. 

47 - Partition.

Behind the Netra discusses the dark side to India's partition and independence and the millions that were displaced from their homes during the partition of Punjab in 1947. 


Fall in Love with a Lion was written in hope to reveal the beauty behind the Sikh identity. Many young Sikhs have grown up in an age where they didn’t find themselves attractive because they didn’t fit into the norm of what society wanted. They found themselves surrounded by images from the Western media and cultural pressures which defined their standards of beauty through clean-shaven men and short hair. The same can be said for the difficulties that the Sikh women face, continuously being told by a derogative consumerist society what is beautiful, what is attractive and what is ‘sexy.’ This poem was an expression of the real essence of the beauty behind the Sikh identity.

I am..

I am was written as a celebration of gender in all forms on International Women's Day. The poem encompasses all the important factors that Behind the Netra feels makes her the woman that she is today.

Sikh Channel Interview

Behind the Netra discussed some interesting topics on gender in the Indian community, as well as reciting her poem ‘Red Books.’

The Soul Contract 

The Soul Contract discusses a number of taboo subjects within the South Asian community such as forced arranged marriages, domestic abuse, pedophilia and victim blaming. The poem also discuss the promises made during the Sikh marriage ceremony, the lavaan, and how the beauty of these words are often ignored.

Queens and Corpses. 

Queens and Coprses discusses the ongoing son preference within the Indian community and more specifically discusses female infanticide in Punjab. More information on Behind the Netra's MA research on female infanticide in Punjab can be found on the articles page.