Masq Magazine - Curry Scented Bitch

A big thank you to Masq Magazine for featuring me on their page and creating these gorgeous illustrations for curry scented bitch, imperfect punjabi and cultural appropriation.…/curry-scented-bitch-and-other-poems

[Masq Magazine is a recently launched magazine based in Copenhagen. They aim to increase the representation of marginalised narratives and artists of colour, by focusing on art-related content around issues like identity, belonging, diaspora and migration. You can read a bit more about them at]

What was the role of religion during the Uprising of 1857?

The role of religion in colonialism and the British Raj has always been an interest of mine. Within this article I have considered the role of religion in the Uprising of 1857. There occurred a rebellion of the native regiments against the East India Company which soon escalated into various other agitations across India. It has been argued that this event signified the beginning of the fall of the E.I.C, and the reversion of outright governorship to the British crown. 

In this prose I have considered how much credit can be given to the role of religion as the root of the Uprising or whether the fall of the Raj can be traced to a series of on-going conflicts and tension.  

You can read the article by clicking the above google drive link. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.